Monday, 23 July 2012

Library resources on your mobile phone or tablet

There are now a range of mobile-friendly web sites and smartphone apps available for a number of our databases and e-journals. If you have a smartphone or tablet and want to discover which resources have mobile-friendly content available, see our page on Library resources on your mobile.

Our Library catalogue is now mobile-friendly, too. It uses screen size detection to supply a version of the catalogue interface suitable for the size of your device. Large-screen devices like desktop or laptop PCs or tablets will see the normal interface, but phones, media players etc. with smaller screens will display a faster loading, less graphics-laden page. The interface works with all main mobile device browsers including iPhone, Android, Opera Mobile/Mini, Windows Phone 7 Mango and the latest Blackberry versions.

The complex nature of some e-resources and the huge variety of mobile devices in circulation may lead to occasional problems when trying to view the desktop version of our electronic resources on a smartphone or tablet. We have a list of the more common issues, and what to do to resolve them, on our mobile problems page.

If you do experience a problem using one of our resources on your smartphone or tablet, please let us know via email at or use the Library enquiry form.

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