Friday, 29 November 2013

London's health records now publicly available online

London's Pulse, launched earlier this week, is a digitisation project from the Wellcome Library. This online resource contains more than 5000 fully searchable Medical Officer of Health reports from 1848 to 1973, detailing the health of Londoners in detail - borough by borough and often street by street. It is available at:

Here is part of the press release: 
'The site showcases the often-overlooked work of Medical Officers of Health (MOHs), qualified medical practitioners who became influential agents of social and medical reform in the city. Their yearly reports amount to a health check of the capital over more than a century, recording vital statistics on births, deaths and illness, infant mortality, and infectious disease.

The reports also offer an unparalleled insight into Londoners’ lives, covering a dizzying array of topics. They contain details of London’s lost trades (such as hair-merchants and pigeon-fatteners), provide reports on the conditions of child workers in factories and families in slum housing, and trace changing tastes in fast food from oysters to Chinese takeaways'.