Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Royal Society's historical journal archive - free to access

The Royal Society's historical journal archive is now permanently free to access The archive includes the first ever peer-reviewed scientific journal. Around 60,000 historical scientific papers are accessible via a fully searchable online archive with papers published more than 70 years ago now becoming freely available.

The archive includes Isaac Newton’s first published scientific paper,and geological work by a young Charles Darwin

EThos - UK E-Theses Online Service

EThOs is the UK's Electronic theses Online Service. Over 52,000 full-text theses are now available for free download, and 300,000 records of UK doctoral theses available for searching. EThOs is available at You do need to register if you want to download or order a thesis - follow the link on the site to Login/Register.

You can also follow links to a free open access copy available direct from the awarding institution; order a digital copy of a paper thesis or contact the awarding institution’s library to find out how to view a copy.